Bounty Hunter App

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What is the Bounty Hunter App?

The Bounty Hunter App is a mobile application designed by Thestorecheckers to provide faster, cheaper and reliable store-checks to businesses operating in China. Thestorecheckers crowd-sources the store-checking process by allowing consumers to complete store-checks through their mobile phones, complete with photographic and audio files to confirm findings. All store-checks are then monitored by thestorecheckers’ staff, and the results built in to a professional presentation for our clients.

How does it work?

Bounty Hunter users can see nearby missions, or “bounties” on the app. They can choose to accept the bounty, and go to the store to perform a store check. For each check, Bounty Hunter requires users to take photographic proof and upload these along with the store check. In exchange, Bounty Hunter users receive a monetary reward, the amount of which varies based on the size of the mission.

Is it reliable?

Reliability is crucial for The Store Checkers. This is why we have our in-house store-checking experts monitor and verify all findings, and immediately discard results which are not up to our standards. Furthermore, we have integrated many security functionalities within our app to ensure that no fraud occurs: users must verify their location to begin the bounty using their GPS settings, and the app itself has security programs in place to prevent photographic substition.