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If you are operating in the Chinese market, chances are that there is least one player that is selling better than you, be it a foreign firm or a local business. If you are the market leader, you may want to keep an eye on the underdogs to make sure you stay one step ahead of them. If you are currently preparing your market entry, you could be interested in imitating some of the incumbents’ strategies that are proven to work. Some aspects may be self-explanatory, or observable through online research, but it is likely that successfully-implemented strategies in-store explain the good performance of your competitors in China. Naturally, you are curious about what is being done right inside their points of sales, hoping to potentially learn from competitors’ performance to reflect on your own China operations.

There is only one way to fully understand what is going on inside your competitors’ stores: to send an auditor to their points of sale to report on the environment and activity in-store. The Store Checkers allows you to do so, on the widest scale and at the lowest cost. You decide which firms to target, how many points of sale to visit, and which aspects toreport. Alternatively, ask The Store Checkers to identify your direct competitors in China and where their stores are located. Together, we can work on the store check guidelines that will allow you to gain the strategic insight requested:

  • Exact location and size of competitors’ points of sales throughout China
  • Distribution model adopted by competitors: franchises Vs company stores, direct VS indirect, etc.
  • Wholesale or retail pricing across different store formats and locations
  • Competitors’ precise product offering
  • Merchandising and competitors’ offline promotion strategies
  • Sales techniques of personnel
  • Staffing strategies
  • Traffic in-store for store-level performance estimates
  • And much more.

Utilize our app to have eyes inside your competitors’ points of sale in China. Directly on your device, wherever you are, launch your store check project now and start receiving results within hours. Constant access to a personalized interface will allow you to manage and monitor the project execution, from start to finish, straight from your home or office.