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Inside the shop, the app user records the conversations with salespersons and customers, and uploads the audio files into the app.


Pictures allow for a static reporting of elements inside and outside the store. Uploaded by the user, they are sent to the backend instantly.


The layout and activity in-store is captured by the user, filming with his mobile phone. A video can be a precious tool to evaluate the number of shoppers entering the shop, for instance, thereby delivering estimates as to the traffic in the store.

Raw data

Observations and responses collected from the app users are gathered as raw data into the backend. The raw data can be downloaded on a csv file, at any time.

Data mapping

The data collected nationwide can lead to a mapping exercise, for a geographic account of distribution questions.  Mapping allows for a visual understanding of differences between shops, cities, and regions.

Data analysis

The raw data is delivered in a ready-to-analyze format. The analysis of store check output can be entrusted to The Store Checkers’ in-house team, which can leverage its market research experience to outline key trends and contextualize results within the wider industry environment.

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