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All China: Beijing – Shanghai – Guangzhou, HK, 1st, 2d, 3d and 4th-tier cities

The Store Checkers is an app uniquely designed for large-scale store check and mystery shopping projects in China. Operating as a stand-alone subsidiary since 2013, our tool is a product of the 5+ years of China store-checking experience of Daxue Consulting.  The Store Checkers was developed in an ambition to provide companies with an affordable and reliable way to monitor their distribution, competitors, prices and merchandising, anywhere in China.

The Store Checkers crowd-sources data collection in the field, utilizing a comprehensive network of app users across China. With its SaaS model, The Store-Checkers offers a revolutionary solution for retail audits in China: the ability to recruit field assistants on demand and to remotely manage store checks all over China.Within 24 hours after the store-check campaign is launched, clients are able to analyze the on-the-ground intelligence on a dashboard in real time.

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At The Store-Checkers, we only do one thing, but we do it well. Our App has been uniquely designed for store-checks and mystery shopping observations (non simulation). We believe that specialization is the key to great results, and that is why our app has allowed us to become experts in this field. Our focus and commitment to providing the most accurate data has resulted in the success of our state-of-the art store-check App for the Chinese market.

A  TRUE VALUE. The Store-Checkers makes it possible for any company to understand what is happening in real-time in the Chinese market, and more importantly to understand how its distribution is really run. Through crowd-sourcing, we are able to assess the situation of your products through all existing brick and mortar channels: hypermarkets, supermarkets, franchises, dealers and distributors, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, specialized shops such as wine shops, etc. The value this brings to your business and your marketing team is the reason why over 90% of our clients come back to us. Our ROI is guaranteed.

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ALL OVER CHINA!. Since we use crowd-sourcing to obtain information on your products, we provide full China coverage. What does this mean? Simply put, we can provide you data from 1.4 billion people, 31 provinces, thousands of cities, on 9.5 million km2, in hundreds of thousands of shops. The Store-Checkers focuses on China due to its unique understanding of the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. In just a few days, we can have full access to the information you need from any city, be it Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Kunming, Dalian, Sanya, Harbin, Shenyang, Changsha, Hefei, Urumuqi, Nanjing, Chengde… or all of them combined.

Real time. No need to wait for weeks to get the results of your store-checks. With our easy-to-use back-end, your results are immediately accessible in real-time. The first results will appear on your dashboard within hours, and within only a few days the research you need will be complete. Wherever you are, whether it be in New York, Paris or Moscow, and whenever it is , on weekdays or weekends, you can launch your campaign of store-checks instantly. Anytime, anywhere, The Store-Checkers will be the eyes you need for your Chinese retail strategy. Enjoy!
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