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On your device, you input your bankcard information and the project details: list of cities targeted, how many store checks per city, what to monitor, type of output expected. Alternatively, you contact us and together we design a tailor-made store check project. On the spot, you receive an accurate price quotation relating to your request. Meanwhile, our team develops the store check guidelines, and formats them into a personalized app platform. The missions become visible to the app users throughout China, ready to selected and be implemented.


As soon as the project is launched, the client is granted access to an individual app backend. As early as 24h after project kick-off, the client start receiving in real time store check results from across the country, simply by logging into the monitoring platform.


Straight from the backend, the client can download a csv file containing the store check raw data. The data is already verified by The Store Checkers’ team, guaranteeing the accuracy of results.  The output is now ready to be analyzed and correlated with Open Data, delivering to the client a precious strategic outlook on what is going on inside Chinese shops.

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