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Upon opening the app, the user can find different store check missions in his city. For each mission, a description reveals the exact location of the store, distance from the user (geo-localization), and the reward for successful completion. The mission description also includes the store check objectives and guidelines: products to look for, merchandising to monitor, observations to report, etc.


Guidelines on the app precisely tell the user how to perform the store check. Every step of the way, the user is instructed on what to do: questions to answer, pictures to take, information to find, etc. All the results are directly inputted by the user into the app.


After the verification on the app backend of the store check output received, the user obtains the corresponding payment. For every store visit, The Store Checkers performs the following quality verifications: time checks (time and duration of visit), geo-localization (checking where the user went via GPS positioning), and cross-referencing with other projects (past experiences have taught our team how to spot red-flags and invalid results).