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Did you recently launch a new marketing campaign and would like to verify its implementation in your Chinese stores? Are you an advertising agency, interesting in evaluating the major offline promotion trends in China? Are you selling products in China, and want to find out what merchandising direct competitors install in their shops? Conduct a merchandising check.

Although China’s e-commerce sector is booming, brick and mortar sales still matter and should be supported by the appropriate in-store marketing campaigns. The only way to accurately monitor such campaigns is to verify their implementation inside Chinese shops, and that is where The Store Checkers comes in. Our innovative solution grants you full China coverage; verify in-store promotions in any Tier-1 to Tier-3 city, targeting thousands of shops across China’s 23 provinces.The Store Checkers allows you to monitor store-level merchandising on any scale, in a matter of days, at the most competitive cost.

On your own, or in cooperation with our team, start by formulating the merchandising check guidelines. Which brands would you like to target? Which distribution formats interest you? How many shops and cities would you like to cover? What merchandising aspects are you seeking to monitor? Based on your requirements, a price quotation is issued instantly and the project can kick-off. Within days, you receive on your app backend the desired output, including:

  • Photos of shelves, displays and promotional material
  • Videos accurately reporting the reaction (or lack of it) of customers to merchandising elements
  • Recordings of conversation with customers (opinions) and salespersons (sales speech)
  • Answers to questions to the staff regarding the brand and the marketing campaigns
  • Etc.