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shopper china store checkersWhat is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a research tool, most used in the luxury field to assess the performance of in-store sales staff of the brand the research company is working for. Mystery shopping helps companies improve their sales staff ROI and assess red flags e.g. lack of understanding of the products, unhelpfulness of specific staff members… Mystery shopping has two major fields: observation and simulation. The Store-Checkers is one of the most efficient tools to obtain strong results in the observation field.

Can we use the app The Store-Checkers for mystery shopping experiences?

Yes but mainly for observation purposes.

How is mystery shopping useful?

From mystery shopping, brands can obtain clear visibility on their stores, and immediately identify:

  • Red flags
  • Cleanliness problems
  • Order issues
  • Monitor Sales staff apparel
  • Optimize sales staff presence
  • Ensure products availability
  • Etc.

How often should a company run mystery shopping campaigns?

Mystery shopping campaigns have to be run at least 2 times a year. Some companies run them every month which makes it possible to draw indexes and follow the performance of shops and sales people over time.

Is mystery shopping useful in China?

Definitely. There are very few markets worldwide where mystery shopping is as important as it is in China. The ability of sales staff to deliver strong results needs to be constantly scrutinized as this has been a major challenge to all brands.