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Did you or one of your competitors just set up temporary points of sale or exhibits? Are you interested in seeing what is sold or advertised there, measure the crowds they attract, or evaluate the performance of the staff onsite? Utilize The Store Checkers. Our solution is the ideal tool for pop-up store checks as it allows clients to launch store checks with the greatest haste.

Field assistants are already standing-by in each city you want to target, a network which will be spontaneously activated once you kick-off your project. On your device, you input your bankcard information and the project details: list of cities targeted, how many pop-up store checks per city, what to monitor, and type of output expected. On the spot, you receive an accurate price quotation relating to your request. All store checks can be launched simultaneously, guaranteeing you timely results. After project kick-off, you obtain store check output within 24h and up to seven days, while constant access to the backend allows you real-time control over your project.

Before the flash retailing outpost closes or moves, you are guaranteed to receive your store check results.