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It can be challenging to set up a company or establish partnerships in China, but also to guide and monitor your offline sales effort in the country after market entry. Are your Chinese distributors displaying your merchandising, or otherwise putting forward your product like they should? Are your Chinese franchises charging the agreed-upon price, or maintaining their stores to your company standards? Are your company stores run efficiently, with an unfaltering focus on maximizing revenues and customer satisfaction? Such questions are often raised at the headquarters of a foreign company operating in the Chinese market. Problematically, it can be difficult (distance, time difference, language barriers, etc.) or at the very least costly for a foreign company to closely monitor its distribution network in China. This is where we come in; allow us to be your eyes inside your Chinese shops.

In order to retain an up-to-date understanding and control of your China operations, send store checkers and mystery shoppers to the shops selling your products in the country. You decide on the objectives and guidelines: which shops and cities to target, what to monitor inside the shop, and what deliverables you expect to obtain at the end of the day. Utilizing our vast network of app users, you are able to take a peek inside any point of sale of interest to you: your flagship store in Guangzhou that should be attracting most of your offline traffic, that convenience store in Chengdu that distributes your packaged food product but reportedly doesn’t hand out your free samples, those poorly-performing franchised food service outlets that customers are complaining about on social media, etc.

Within hours, you receive the first results:

  • Pictures revealing pricing, product availability and display, merchandising, staff apparel, etc.
  • Videos showing store traffic, in-store environment, staff behavior and brand awareness, etc.
  • Recordings evaluating the sales speech, customers’ questions and concerns, etc.
  • Comments from the app users as to overall store performance, cleanliness, staff presence, etc.

These store check results, which we guarantee to be accurate, will help you understand how your product is being sold in real-time, and potentially identify red flags that need to be dealt with in order for you to improve your offline sales performance in China.