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We guarantee store check results that are 100% accurate, a commitment that we ensure through a rigorous quality verification methodology.


The app accesses the GPS positioning of the user, and thereby tracks and reveals the location of the user at the time of the store check. The user’s exact positioning can be compared with the location of the shop he is instructed to visit, to ensure that the visits are systematically performed at the stores targeted in the project.


The app monitors the time at which the store check is performed, as well as the duration of the visit. This further allows the client to verify whether the store check was performed accurately or not. A store visit allegedly implemented in the middle of the night and lasting less than a minute, for instance, will immediately stand out as a red flag and be discarded.


The client can monitor these quality assurance parameters at all time, straight from the app backend. In addition, The Store Checkers’ team will perform random checks, cross-referencing up to 10% of each project’s store check output with results from previous projects. Our team’s considerable experience with store check projects allow us to identify abnormalities in results, such as irregular prices, presence/absence of particular products at specific stores, unusual in-store traffic in light of seasonability factors, etc.

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