Our Services

The Store Checkers has a wide range of services designed to allow our clients to check that their distribution, promotional content and product placement is aligned with corporate standards. Through store checks, mystery shopping and our Bounty Hunter App, our clients can monitor their distribution, perform checks on their competition and ensure that brand standards are being respected.

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Store Checks

Store-checks, also known as retail audits, consist of our staff visiting selected stores through which our clients sell their products. Our expert staff can be dispatched throughout China at a moment’s notice, to check on product placement, promotional material, brand compliance, and more.


Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping consists of Thestorecheckers sending our expert staff to our clients’ stores or outlets through which they sell their products to check the consumer experience. Our staff will masquerade as clients and go through the typical shopping procedure, quizzing staff and noting any irregularities or bottle-necks that occur.


Bounty Hunter App

Using our proprietary Bounty Hunter App, we manage to crowd-source the store-checking process while maintaining the highest quality standards. Managed by our in-house experts, we provide our clients with faster results, covering all of China, for a much more affordable price.