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consumer china the store checkresWhat is a store-check?

A store-check is often used in retail and for FMCG as a way to assess the merchandising, pricing and look of the products that third parties are distributing. It is also a way to benchmark your products with competitors. Store-checks have been widely used by many consulting and strategic consulting firms. It was often the case in the past that junior consultants (billed 2,000 USD a day) were sent on the field work to complete store-checks.

How long does it take to get first results with The Store-Checkers?

A few hours. Because our information is crowdsourced, you will be able to get the first raw of data within a couple of hours.

What can you expect from The Store-Checkers?

A lot. But let’s be more precise. You can expect to get pictures, remarks, numbers about merchandising, pricing, sales speech, sales presence, sales apparel, competition and much more. Tell us what you want to check out and we will configure the App for you.

Is The Store-Checkers available in all China?

Yes, all China, 9.5 million km2, covering 1.4 billion people and millions of shops. How? crowd-sourcing

How much does the Store-Checkers cost?

That depends on the time the store-check requires to be completed and the difficulty of doing it. Basically, it depends on the number of items you want us to check. The second point to consider when talking about pricing a store-check is how many people will have to check the same shop depending on the number of features you want us to check out. Generally speaking, a store-check is priced between 12 USD and 35 USD.

How to use the store-checkers?

That is an easy question! Drop us an email and we will call you back within 24 hours to open a backend for you and configure your requests.

I want to be a store-checker, how should I do?

That is an other easy question, download our app there.