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Why use the store checkers

China is a black box

It can be difficult to monitor China operations without being in the field. This lack visibility, be it the result of the distance, time-difference, language & cultural barriers, or the lower level of transparency in China, affects the degree to which headquarters can understand how well third-party distributors, franchisees or even local branches are performing and implementing brand guidelines.

Brick & mortar still matters

It is now a well-know fact that Chinese consumers are avid online shoppers, and that foreign companies should head to distribute on the right e-commerce platforms in order to sell well in China. Be that as it may, having an offline presence remains key for a face-to-face interaction with customers and building brand awareness. In reality, many products are checked in-store even when they are purchased online, particularly foreign and premium products. Covering the ‘mortar’ in addition to the ‘click’ remains essential in China.

A disruptive solution

The two above-mentioned realities actually explain why The Store Checkers was developed in the first place. Many foreign firms ambition to have a wide-ranging offline distribution network in China and face the need to have an asset on the ground that monitors performance and compliance. Problematically, it can be expensive to fly an auditor to China, and that is why The Store Checkers gives you the chance to do it from your own backyard.

Full China coverage

Thanks to a vast network of app users, you are able to reach any Tier-1 to Tier-3 city. Our crowd-sourced solution allows you to target practically any shop and any city, in China’s 23 provinces. The Store Checkers’ project managers are here to guarantee the smooth progress of project, coordinating efficient and reliable fieldwork execution from our Beijing and Shanghai offices.

A reliable instrument

The Store Checkers was launched by a team with 5+ years of experience in store checks in China. Our core ambition is to grant clients total transparency over their fieldwork, delivered via the app backend; the client directly monitors and accesses store check output, without middleman interference. Our reliability is further guaranteed thanks to our rigorous quality insurance methodology.

Fast execution

All store checks can be launched simultaneously, guaranteeing you timely results. After project kick-off, you obtain store check output within 24h and up to seven days. Constant access to the backend allows you real-time control over your project.

A cost-efficient method

Pricing flexibility is guaranteed thanks to our specific SaaS configuration. Based on your requirements and budget, you choose which cities and shops to target and the app helps you recruit and manage store checkers all over China, effortlessly and at least cost. Our unique solution guarantees that your cost per store check will be cheaper than that of any of our competitors.